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The Difference Between Corporate vs. Private Dentistry

If you’re looking for a new dentist, you have two primary options: corporate dentistry or private dentistry. Corporate dentistry operates more like a franchise. As with a chain of fast-food restaurants, this type of business will deliver a predictable, streamlined experience. Meanwhile, private dentistry is like a friendly mom-and-pop diner where the waitresses all know your order, and you feel like family when you walk in. Both options have pros and cons, so it’s essential to consider your personal needs and wants before deciding which one is right for you.

What Is Corporate Dentistry?

Corporate dentistry operates on a large scale, with one organization managing multiple dental offices. Massive chains like these can streamline dental care and offer a wide range of services, offices, and appointment times. However, a corporate dental practice lacks the personal touch of a private dentistry practice.

Patients in a corporate dental practice often see a different hygienist and dentist each visit. Though these individuals may access your charts, they won’t have the same personal knowledge that a single practitioner will gain over time. Corporate dentistry may offer more affordable services, but these come at the cost of that personal touch.

What Is Private Dentistry?

A single individual operates private dental practice. These offices usually have a small, close-knit staff. Dental hygienists often seek out private practices because they offer a friendlier environment where it’s easier to form relationships with co-workers and patients. Patients of private dental practice will usually see the same dentist and hygienist every visit. This means that these professionals will get to know your personal preferences and comfort level with dentistry.

Private dental practices may have more limited hours, but they can also offer more flexibility. While a corporate practice is run by a business office not intimately involved in the individual storefronts, a private office is run by the dentist himself. In an emergency, you may be able to appeal to the dentist with whom you’ve formed a relationship over years of care to get the solution you need quickly and conveniently.

How To Choose

When choosing a dental practice, insurance is usually one of your primary concerns. While corporate practices tend to accept more forms of insurance, you can often find a private office that takes your plan if you’re willing to call around in your area diligently.

If you have any anxiety about getting dental services, it’s nearly always best to go to a private practice. This type of friendly, attentive, personal setting is better equipped to handle patients who need a little extra care. You will be able to build familiarity with a private practice and its team that’s difficult to duplicate in a corporate office.

If you’re looking for a private practice where you’ll always enjoy a cozy, friendly atmosphere and reliable, high-quality service, make an appointment with Dr. Banik at Carolina Family Dentistry today. Dr. Banik’s dedicated team is always happy to serve you.