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Teeth Whitening Options

Is your smile as bright and white as you want it to be? Many of our patients are not happy with the color of their teeth. The good news is that there are many teeth whitening options available. Here are some of them.

Over the Counter Strips and Gels

One of the easiest and fastest ways to whiten your teeth a shade or two is to use the strips and bleaching gels available at your local pharmacy. These are inexpensive and easy to use.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind, however. First, if you experience any gum irritation, stop using it right away and see your dentist. Because the trays don’t fit your teeth perfectly, there’s a greater chance that the solution will irritate your gums than if you were using custom trays. Secondly, follow the directions carefully; some of these products are not meant to be used for more than a week or two.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

If you’ve got some staining on your teeth that regular brushing isn’t removing (and you’ve seen your hygienist for a professional cleaning within the past six months), whitening toothpaste can smooth out those stains and restore your white teeth. This product will not whiten all of your teeth or make a noticeable difference if you don’t have staining, however; they really only work by removing stains.

Custom-Designed Bleaching Trays

For the most effective teeth whitening option, you’ll need to see your dentist for a custom-fit bleaching tray and solution. This is a more expensive option than using the type bought at your local pharmacy, but it’s also usually a more effective option. It also tends not to be as irritating to the gums because the solution fits into the trays, which fit your teeth perfectly.

If you want to explore teeth whitening options, give us a call to make an appointment. We want your smile to shine as brightly as you do, and we can help. Call today!

Improve Your Smile in 2018

Are you happy with your smile? When you look in the mirror, does your grin make you want to, well, grin? Too many people make it a note to smile with their lips closed or talk with a hand in front of their mouths because they aren’t happy with the way their teeth look. If this sounds familiar, we don’t want you to feel that way anymore! Check out some of the ways you can improve your smile in 2018.


If your front teeth are chipped, misshapen, or otherwise making you hesitate to smile, porcelain veneers might be the right option for you. Veneers can also close up a gap, called a diastema, between the front teeth in some cases. These fit over the outside surface of your front teeth, much like an artificial nail fits over your natural fingernail. The tooth will be prepared for a veneer, so it’s a permanent restoration; if it were to fall off, which is uncommon, you’d need to have it replaced.


Many people think that their chance for having braces has passed once they exit their teen years. This is not the case! Many adults have orthodontic treatment, including braces, throughout their 30s, 40s and beyond. You can have the metal type that most teens get, or you can use one of the options available for adults, such as lingual braces, porcelain braces, or Invisalign. Talk to your dentist about whether a referral to an orthodontist is needed.

Teeth Whitening

If you aren’t happy with the shade of your teeth, then teeth whitening might be on your list of smile-brightening new year’s resolutions. Today’s bleaching agents are gentle, safe, and effective. You can use the type you find in your local pharmacy or you can have a tray fabricated by your dentist. Your dentist can help you decide what option is right for you depending on your budget, how much whitening you are looking for, and whether you are prone to hypersensitivity or gum irritation.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you have a brighter and smile-inducing 2018!